Sunday, July 21, 2024

Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games, or YGG, is a “play-to-earn” gaming guild and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that helps players easily gain exposure to a wide range of blockchain game NFTs.

YGG’s mission is to create the biggest virtual world economy, optimizing its community-owned assets for maximum utility and sharing its profits with its token holders.

The platform aims to maximize the value and utility of NFTs used in blockchain games, and helps reduce the barriers to entry for earning a return from blockchain games like Axie Infinity.

The team behind Yield Guild Games continuously coordinates research and development strategies for participants in the DAO to arbitrage on yield generation by being competitive in metaverse-related games.

YGG’s main activities are centered around the establishment of a vibrant and dynamic international community of play-to-earn gamers, who primarily compete to gain in-game prices and rewards.

A variety of yield generation options are provided for participants, including the rental and sale of YGG-owned assets — which generates profits shared with the community.

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