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Slang for one billion dollars. Bill Gates has a lot of these.

In the world of forex trading, there are numerous jargons and terminologies that traders use to communicate with each other. One such term is “yard.”

What is a “yard” in forex?

In forex trading, the term “yard” is slang for one billion units of a particular currency.

It is a colloquial term used by traders and market participants to describe a large transaction or trade size.

When referring to a yard, the conversation usually pertains to transactions involving a significant amount of money.

What’s the origin of “yard”?

The term “yard” is derived from “milliard,” which is a European term for one billion.

In this context, a yard refers to a large amount of money involved in a single forex transaction.

The use of “yard” helps traders quickly convey the magnitude of a trade without having to use a large number in conversation

How is “yard” used?

The term “yard” is most commonly used when discussing large transactions between financial institutions, central banks, and other major market players.

These transactions can have a significant impact on the forex market, and their size makes them a topic of interest for traders.

For example, if a central bank were to intervene in the currency markets by buying or selling one billion units of its currency, traders might say that the central bank intervened with a “yard” of currency.

The use of this term helps traders communicate quickly and efficiently about the size and impact of such transactions.

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