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The slang “tank” is a term originating from traditional financial markets to describe strong negative financial performance of a specific asset.

When an asset’s price falls rapidly, it is said to be “in trouble.”

The word “tank” can also be used to refer to a specific industry or company that is underperforming.

Another common use of the word is that an asset or portfolio is considered “distressed” if the value of its financial performance declines significantly over an extended period of time.

The word “tank” is often used as an antonym for “rally”.

When the value of an asset rises rapidly in the short term, the asset is rebounding; when the market price drops sharply and quickly, the opposite is true for the asset falling.

Another tank-related term is “bleed“, which also refers to a drop in market prices.

However, bleeding usually refers to a slow decline that occurs over a longer period of time, rather than a rapid and dramatic decline.

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