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Russell 2000 Index (RUT)

The Russell 2000 Index (RUT) is a widely followed stock market index that tracks the performance of small-cap companies in the United States.

The Russell 2000 represents a subset of the broader Russell 3000 index and focuses exclusively on the 2,000 smallest companies by market cap.

Let’s explore the background, importance, and makeup of the Russell 2000 Index.

What is the Russell 2000 Index?

The Russell 2000 Index is a stock market index that measures the performance of small-cap stocks in the U.S. stock market.

The Russell 2000 Index was created in 1984 by the Frank Russell Company to give a comprehensive look at the performance of small-cap companies, which are generally considered to be more growing and volatile compared to their larger-cap peers.

The index is restructured every year to ensure it remains representative of the small-cap stocks in the market. Companies included in the Russell 2000 typically have market capitalizations between $300 million and $2 billion.

The Russell 2000 Index consists of the smallest 2,000 companies from the Russell 3000 index.

How the Russell 2000 Index is calculated

The Russell 2000 Index is calculated using a market-cap-weighted methodology, which means that the weight of each company in the index is based on the proportion of its market capitalization relative to the total market capitalization of all 2,000 companies in the index.

This approach ensures that larger smaller companies have a greater impact on the index performance than smaller companies.

Why is the Russell 2000 Index important?

The Russell 2000 Index is an important benchmark for small-cap performance and is widely used by investors and fund managers to gauge the health and direction of the small-cap market.

Because small-cap companies are generally viewed as more sensitive to economic conditions and with higher growth potential, the Russell 2000 can provide insights into market trends, investor sentiment, and the overall economic outlook.

Additionally, the index is used as the basis for a variety of financial products, such as index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) designed to replicate the performance of the Russell 2000.

This enables investors to gain exposure to a variety of small companies with a single investment.

What is the composition of the Russell 2000 Index?

The Russell 2000 Index is composed of a diverse group of small-cap companies from a variety of sectors and industries, providing a broad representation of the small-cap market.

The index’s industry allocations may change as markets develop, but some of the largest industries typically represented in the Russell 2000 include Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Industrials, and Consumer Discretionary.


Russell 2000 Index is rebalanced quarterly . This means that companies in the index will be reviewed and changes to the index will be made as necessary.

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