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Red Book Index

Red Book Index is a proprietary indicator of retail sales growth that provides high-level estimates of retail sales trends ahead of official releases and company reports.

It is an economic indicator that provides insight into the health of the retail industry, consumer spending trends and the overall economy.

What is Redbook Index?


Red Book Index, also known as the Johnson Red Book Index, is a weekly measure of comparable store sales growth in the U.S. retail industry.

It tracks sales data for a sample of large retailers, such as department stores, discount stores, and chain stores.

This report provides insights into consumer spending patterns and trends, providing a snapshot of retail industry performance.

Red Book Inex is usually divided into two parts:

  1. Red Book Average
  2. Red Book same-store sales index

The Red Book Average tracks sales growth at all participating stores, while the Red Book Same-Store Sales Index focuses on sales growth at stores open at least a year.

Why is the Redbook index important?

The Red Book Index is considered an important economic indicator because it provides insights into consumer spending, the primary driver of U.S. economic growth.

By monitoring the performance of the retail industry, economists, investors and policymakers can gauge the overall health of the economy and identify potential changes in consumer behavior.

A strong Red Book Index can indicate increasing consumer confidence and a strong economy, while a weak report can indicate a weakening economy or reduced consumer spending.

Who published the Red Book Index?

Redbook reports are produced by Redbook Research, an independent research firm specializing in the collection and analysis of retail sales data.

The company collects data from a sample of large department store retailers across the United States, ensuring the report is representative of the broader retail industry.

Redbook Research compiles and analyzes data to produce weekly Redbook reports, which are then released to the public.

When will the Red Book Index be released?

Redbook reports are typically released on a weekly basis, usually on Tuesday at 8:55.

The report is available through various financial news outlets as well as the Redbook Research website.

By providing timely, up-to-date information on retail industry performance, Redbook reports enable economists, investors and policymakers to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

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