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OsMA is the abbreviation used in technical analysis to express the oscillator function, OsMA stands for Oscillator – Moving Average (or sometimes Oscillator – Moving Average of Oscillators).

The oscillator itself is an indicator that can show the relationship between any two given set periods of a moving average, which can then be expressed as a percentage or a number. Oscillators come in two forms, price oscillators and volume oscillators.

The oscillator itself is a useful trend indicator that can spot short-term conditions that may be oversold or overbought. An asset can be considered overbought when the value of an oscillator starts approaching the upper limit level, which is an example of oversold when it approaches the lower limit.

On the other hand,

OsMA can clearly show the difference between an oscillator and its moving average, in which case the main line of MACD will act as an oscillator, while the signal line of MACD will become the moving average.

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