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One Cancel Other (OCO)

One Cancel Other (OCO) is a trading order type that allows traders to manage their positions more efficiently by placing two orders at the same time. Executing one order results in the automatic cancellation of the other. one.

This method offers many benefits, such as reducing risk and locking in profits, but it also has some limitations.

Let’s explore the concept of canceling other orders, their functionality and the pros and cons of using them in a trading strategy.

What does it mean for one person to cancel other orders?

One Cancel Others Order, also known as an OCO order or bracket order, is a set of two orders (usually a limit order and a stop order) placed simultaneously for the same asset.

The execution of one order will automatically cancel the other order, ensuring that only one of the two orders can be executed.

Traders often use this type of order to manage risk and lock in profits by setting target prices and stop-loss levels for a specific position.

How to cancel other orders

When placing an OCO order, a trader specifies two separate orders: one to take profit at a predetermined target price, and another to limit potential losses at a specific stop loss level.

After one order is executed, the other order will be automatically canceled.

This ensures traders can lock in target price profits or protect themselves from excessive losses based on market movements.

Benefits of one person canceling other orders

  • Risk Management: OCO orders allow traders to effectively manage risk by setting profit targets and stop-loss levels for each position, ensuring they can take advantage of favorable market movements while limiting potential losses.
  • Profit Protection: OCO automatically cancels another order after an order is executed, helping traders lock in profits when the target price is reached, preventing them from giving back their gains when the market reverses.
  • Efficiency: OCO orders simplify the trading process by allowing traders to set profit targets and stop loss levels in one step, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.

Disadvantages of canceling other orders

  • Limitations in Rapidly Changing Markets: In highly volatile or rapidly changing markets, OCO orders may not execute as expected, which may result in missed opportunities or larger than expected losses.
  • Complexity: For novice traders, setting up and managing OCO orders can be more complex than simple order types, potentially leading to confusion or errors.
  • No Execution Guarantee: While OCO orders can help manage risk and lock in profits, there is no guarantee that any order will be executed, especially if the market moves too quickly or liquidity is limited.


In conclusion, One Cancel Other Orders provides traders with a versatile and effective tool to manage risk and lock in profits.

By placing two orders simultaneously and automatically canceling one when the other is executed, OCO orders provide a level of efficiency and risk management that is particularly beneficial in volatile markets.

However, there are some potential disadvantages to using OCO orders, including limitations in rapidly changing markets, increased complexity, and no guarantee of execution.

To reduce these risks, you should carefully consider your trading strategy and market conditions before using OCO orders, and consider other order types when appropriate.

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