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Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP)

NFP is part of the monthly report and represents employment at U.S. manufacturing, construction, and commodities companies.

is an important economic indicator related to employment in the United States

What is NFP?

NFP stands for Non-Farm Payroll , which is actually part of the Employment Situation Report, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (an agency of the United States). Department of Labor (DOL).

NFP is part of the monthly Employment Situation Report, which estimates the number of jobs (excluding farm workers) added in the United States last month.

The Employment Situation Report also includes the labor force participation rate, unemployment rate, average hourly earnings, and average workweek hours, among many other statistics.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy to support public and private decision-making.

The NFP portion usually gets the most attention because it measures the actual number of salaried employees (full-time and part-time) in businesses and government agencies.

NFP gets its name from jobs not included: Farm workers , and people employed by private households or nonprofit organizations.

This data is typically released on the first Friday of any given month and can cause significant moves in financial markets.

Many analysts release their forecasts for the NFP data before it is actually released.

NFP Forecast

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