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New Home Sales

The New Home Sales report is an economic indicator that provides valuable insights into the health of the housing market and the overall economy.

It provides an important overview of housing demand. Although it shows what happened in the past, many economists consider it one of the leading indicators of the economy.

What is new home sales data?

The New Home Sales Report, also known as the New Home Sales Report, is a monthly measure of the number of new homes sold in the United States. It tracks sales of single-family homes, which are residential structures designed for one family.

Data in the

report includes number of homes sold, median and average sales prices, and inventory of unsold homes.

By monitoring new home sales, the report provides a snapshot of housing market performance and indicates the level of demand for new construction.

Why is new home sales data important?

Nearly 15% of U.S. GDP comes from the housing market, which makes up a large portion of the entire economy.

The new home sales report is considered an important economic indicator because it provides insight into the health of the housing market, an important driver of economic growth.

  • A A strong housing market can indicate increased consumer confidence, job growth and overall economic expansion,
  • A Softening housing market could indicate a weakening economy or reduced consumer spending.

Additionally, new home sales can have knock-on effects on other sectors of the economy, such as construction, finance and consumer goods, as they affect demand for related products and services.

By analyzing new home sales data, economists, investors, and policymakers can make informed decisions based on current conditions and trends in the housing market.

Who releases the new home sales data?

The New Home Sales Report is produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Census Bureau collects, analyzes and publishes economic data related to all aspects of the U.S. economy, including housing.

New home sales data is derived from the Construction Survey, which collects information from builders, contractors and other sources involved in home construction.

The purpose of the Construction Survey is to provide current national and regional statistical data on the starts, completions, and characteristics of new private single-family and multifamily housing units and new single-family home sales

When will new home sales data be released?

The New Home Sales Report is typically released on a monthly basis, on the 12th business day of the month following the reference month. For example, the January report will be released on the 12th working day of February.

The Census Bureau posts reports on its website for easy access by the public.

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