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NAAIM Exposure Index

​​The National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) Exposure Index is a valuable tool that helps investors gauge the sentiment of active investment managers in the stock market.

The NAAIM Risk Index shows how active risk managers have changed clients’ accounts over the past two weeks.

Traders often look at this index to see how interest in stocks changes over time. Fund managers also look at data to see what changes other active managers are actually making.

What is the NAAIM Exposure Index?

The NAAIM Exposure Index is a weekly survey conducted by the National Association of Active Investment Managers, an organization representing investment advisors who utilize active management strategies to manage client portfolios.

Active fund managers at NAAIM member firms are asked to provide a number showing their total equity exposure at the market close on a given day of the week.

The survey collects data on their current stock exposures, ranging from 200%long (leverage) to 100% short (short the market).

 NAAIM Exposure Index

How to use the NAAIM Exposure Index?

Overall, higher equity participation indicates optimism about the overall market .

When equity participation rates begin to decline, it means that investment managers begin to reduce the risk in their portfolios. This may be because they expect the market to fall.

To understand the NAAIM Exposure Index, consider the following:

  1. Average Exposure: The index represents the average equity exposure of participating active investment management firms. Higher numbers indicate stronger bullish sentiment, while lower numbers indicate increasing bearish sentiment or caution.
  2. Median Exposure: Median Exposure provides additional perspective by showing the middle value within the response range, which is useful for identifying potential outliers.
  3. Reaction Range: The reaction range, from most bullish to most bearish, gives us insight into the diversity of views and strategies among active investment managers.

It is important to know that the NAAIM Exposure Index is not a predictor, and is not much help when trying to figure out what will happen to the stock market.

The main goal of most active fund managers is to balance the risk and reward of the stock market and stay informed about market dynamics.

As with other sentiment indicators, traders should focus on trends over time rather than a single reading.

Why is the NAAIM Exposure Index important?

NAAIM Exposure Index is important for the following reasons:

  • Market Sentiment: This index provides insight into the sentiment of active investment managers, helping investors identify potential market trends and reversals.
  • Active Management Perspective: The NAAIM Exposure Index provides a unique perspective on market sentiment because it focuses on the perspective of investment professionals who actively manage client portfolios, rather than passive investors.
  • Market Analysis: By monitoring the index, investors can better understand the factors affecting market sentiment and make more informed investment strategy decisions.

Who publishes the NAAIM Exposure Index?

NAAIM Risk Index is developed and published by the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

Survey data is collected from responses from NAAIM member companies who voluntarily participate in the survey.

Where can I find the NAAIM Exposure Index?

NAAIM Exposure Index results are available to the public via the NAAIM website and are typically updated every Wednesday.

The website provides a summary of the latest survey results, including average and median equity exposures, and the range of responses from participating fund managers.

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