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MOVE Index

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MOVE Index , the Merrill Lynch Options Volatility Estimation Index, is an important indicator of interest rate volatility in the U.S. Treasury market.

is calculated based on option prices and reflects market participants’ collective expectations for future volatility.

This index measures the implied volatility of U.S. Treasury bond options of varying maturities.

Similar to the role of the VIX Index in the stock market, the MOVE Index is an important tool for investors, traders, and analysts to assess risk and uncertainty in the bond market.

It is often called “Bond of VIX.”

What is the MOVE index?


MOVE Index is the market-implied measure of bond market volatility.


MOVE Index calculates the implied volatility of U.S. Treasury options using a weighted average of Treasury futures option prices across multiple maturities (2, 5, 10, and 30 years).

By capturing expected fluctuations in interest rates, the index serves as a proxy for the bond market’s overall sentiment toward future interest rate changes.

It was created by Harley Bassman, a former managing director of Merrill Lynch. Bassman developed the index in response to the lack of reliable measures of bond market volatility.

Why is the MOVE index important?

The importance of the

MOVE Index lies in its ability to provide insight into the bond market’s expectations for future interest rate fluctuations.

  • Higher MOVE Index values ​​mean greater volatility in the Treasury market, which may be a sign of heightened market uncertainty or risk.
  • Lower MOVE index values ​​indicate lower volatility, indicating that market participants expect a more stable interest rate environment.


MOVE Index is a useful tool for investors and traders who want to monitor and manage risk in the bond market.

The Index can be used to identify periods of increased volatility and to develop trading strategies designed to profit from changes in bond market volatility.

How to use MOVE index

  • Risk Assessment: The MOVE Index is a useful tool for assessing the risk of a fixed income portfolio. Traders can use the index to measure the potential impact of interest rate fluctuations on their bond holdings and adjust accordingly.
  • Hedging Strategies: For traders who hedge their fixed income portfolios using interest rate derivatives such as options and futures, the MOVE Index can provide valuable information about the cost of hedging and the potential effectiveness of various hedging strategies.
  • Market Sentiment: By analyzing the movements of the MOVE Index, market participants can gain insight into the overall sentiment of the bond market. This information is useful when making tactical asset allocation decisions or developing trading strategies.
  • Comparison to the VIX Index: Comparing the MOVE Index to the VIX Index, which measures the implied volatility of the stock market, can provide a broader perspective on market conditions and the relative risk between stocks and bonds. This comparison can help traders make more informed asset allocation decisions.



MOVE Index is an important tool for understanding the level of uncertainty and risk in the U.S. Treasury market.

By measuring interest rate volatility, the index enables investors, traders and analysts to make more informed decisions when managing fixed income portfolios, implementing hedging strategies and gauging market sentiment.

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