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Money Management

In this article, We learn about “Money Management “.Let’s Go!

Money management is probably the least known yet most important weapon in a trader’s arsenal. A large percentage of Forex traders fail because they do not have a firm grasp of the concepts of money management. In order to consistently bet hundreds or thousands of dollars, traders must understand the potential of every penny they risk.

The key to managing money in the Forex market inevitably involves understanding how much money you can put into one trade and how much money you can lose on one trade without affecting your ability to trade in the future.

A great way for traders to reduce profit losses and manage their money is to remember that they are not in a pool hall or casino. Gambling rules dictate that losers need to place larger bets in order to increase profits, while Forex rules state the opposite. Some traders call this the anti-Martinale rule: Bet more when you have a winning streak and bet less when you have a losing streak. Also, never bet more than 1% of your core equity (the starting balance of an open position).

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