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In this article, We learn about “Latency “.Let’s Go!

Latency is the delay between the time a source sends a message and the destination receives it.

One specific example is the time that elapses between the placement of an order and the execution of that order in an electronic trading system.

Latency may be affected by factors such as geographic distance or bandwidth congestion.

Simply put, latency is a measure of latency.

More specifically, latency describes the time between the quote and the confirmation of the trade.

Delays can be the result of a variety of technical flaws.

    • Insufficient network performance may cause communication delays, or the time required to communicate between two network nodes.
    • Also, insufficient server processing power may cause so-called Application Latency, or delays due to replies requiring extensive processing before being sent.
    • Insufficient computer processing power may cause memory delays, or the time required for a computer program to write or access data in memory, for example, to run a margin check on a client.

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