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Immediate or Cancel Order (IOC)

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In the fast-paced world of trading, timing is of the essence and traders often need to execute orders quickly.

Immediate or Cancel (IOC) Order is a trading order that provides fast execution while providing control over the desired price.

What is an Immediate or Cancel (IOC) Limit Order?

An Immediate or Cancel (IOC) limit order is a limit order that requires partial or full execution of the order immediately upon submission.

If the order cannot be fully filled at the specified price or better, the remaining unfilled portion will be automatically canceled.

IOC limit orders provide traders with a sense of urgency and control over their trades, ensuring they can take advantage of short-term price movements.

How IOC limit orders work

When traders submit an IOC limit order, they specify the price limit at which they are willing to buy or sell a specific financial instrument.

After submitting an order, if market conditions reach or exceed the limit price, the order will be executed immediately.

If only part of the order can be filled at the required price, the remaining part will be automatically canceled.

In this case, the trader may need to later submit a new order or a different price for the unfilled portion.

Benefits of IOC limit orders

  • Speed ​​and Efficiency: IOC Limit Orders are designed for traders looking for immediate trade execution. These orders deliver results quickly, ensuring traders can take advantage of short-term price movements without having to wait for longer periods of time.
  • Price Control: Like other limit orders, IOC limit orders allow traders to set a specific price at which they are willing to buy or sell a financial instrument. This provides a degree of control over trade execution, ensuring traders do not pay more or receive less than they wanted.
  • Partial Execution: IOC limit orders can be partially executed if they cannot be filled at the specified price. This allows traders to take advantage of available liquidity in the market without having to wait for the entire order to be filled, which may not be feasible under certain market conditions.
  • REDUCED RISK: IOC limit orders minimize the risk of adverse price changes during order execution by ensuring immediate execution or cancellation. This is especially important in volatile market conditions where prices change rapidly.


Immediate or Cancel (IOC) limit orders provide a valuable tool for traders looking for speed, efficiency, and control over trade execution.

These orders are especially useful in fast-moving markets where fast execution is critical to taking advantage of short-term price swings.

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