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ICE U.S. Dollar Inflation Expectations Index

In this article, We learn about “ICE U.S. Dollar Inflation Expectations Index “.Let’s Go!

ICE U.S. Dollar Inflation Expectations Index is an index developed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to measure the market’s expectations for future inflation in the United States.

It does this by comparing the yields on Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) and nominal Treasury securities.

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TIPS are bonds issued by the U.S. government to protect investors from inflation.

The principal value of TIPS adjusts to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), providing investors with an inflation-adjusted return.

By comparing the yield on TIPS to the yield on nominal Treasury bonds, investors can derive the implied inflation rate, known as the “breakeven inflation rate.”

Index building

The ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index tracks breakeven inflation rates across time horizons, providing a market-based indicator of expected future inflation in the United States.

The index reflects the expected rate of inflation over a specific period, as implied by the market prices of TIPS and nominal Treasury securities.


The ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index provides valuable insight into how market participants view the outlook for inflation.

It can be a critical input for investors, policymakers and economists, and here’s why:

  1. Monetary Policy: Central banks such as the Federal Reserve monitor inflation expectations to guide their monetary policy decisions. By assessing market-based expectations of future inflation, policymakers can measure the effectiveness of their actions and adjust policy accordingly.
  2. Investment Decisions: Investors can use the ICE U.S. Dollar Inflation Expectations Index to formulate investment strategies, as the outlook for inflation affects asset prices, interest rates and the overall market environment.
  3. Economic Analysis: Economists can use the index to analyze trends in inflation expectations, providing insight into consumer and business behavior, and the underlying direction of the economy.

Why should Forex traders care?

The ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index is important for currency traders and here’s why:

1. Inflation and interest rates

Inflation expectations play an important role in determining central bank interest rate policies.

If inflation expectations rise, the central bank may raise interest rates to control price growth, and vice versa.

Higher interest rates typically cause the local currency to appreciate as foreign investors are attracted to high-yielding assets, while lower interest rates may cause the local currency to depreciate.

2. Monetary Value and Purchasing Power

Inflation affects the purchasing power of money.

Higher inflation erodes the value of a currency and reduces its purchasing power.

Monitoring inflation expectations helps currency traders gauge potential changes in a currency’s purchasing power and make informed decisions about their trading.

3. Risk Management

Currency traders can use the ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index to assess the potential impact of inflation on their currency positions.

By understanding the market’s expectations for future inflation, traders can better manage the risks associated with changes in interest rates and currency values.

4. Market Sentiment

The index provides insights into market sentiment regarding future inflation and potential changes in monetary policy.

Currency traders can use this information to gauge overall market sentiment and position themselves accordingly.

5. Arbitrage Trading Strategy

Inflation expectations influence carry trade strategies, where traders borrow in low-interest-rate currencies and invest in high-interest-rate currencies to profit from the interest rate differential.

The ICE USD Inflation Expectations Index provides insight into potential changes in interest rate spreads, allowing currency traders to adjust their carry trade strategies accordingly.

Restrictions and Notes

While the ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index is a useful tool for measuring market expectations for future inflation, it’s worth noting that it may not always accurately reflect the actual rate of inflation.

The index is affected by a variety of factors that may affect its accuracy, such as changes in market liquidity, risk premiums, and technical factors related to TIPS and nominal Treasury market structure.


The ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index is a market-based measure of future U.S. inflation derived from TIPS and nominal Treasury yields.

By tracking breakeven inflation rates over different maturities, the index provides valuable insights for investors, policymakers and economists to assess the inflation outlook, guide monetary policy decisions and inform investment strategies.

Despite its limitations, the ICE Dollar Inflation Expectations Index remains an important tool for understanding market expectations and U.S. economic trends.

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